What I’ve Understood

Here I am, sitting in an fairly uncomfortable chair at another college campus library. Again. For no apparent reason. I should be in school right now, but I’ve come to the point in my life where i’d rather learn on my own. I’d rather find out what I like, explore Gods touch, and his vast creations. “Senioritis” totally does exist. I don’t want to admit it does, because that just encourages me to be lazy, but, it does. How I wish I could be a great student, and attend class as I should but I just cant hold myself accountable to do it. Right now, I’m surrounded by intelligence. It’s aura is hastily floating abroad the air like the wind. College professors, students, future engineers, all are sitting around me. It’s great to be here because they have no clue I’m not one of them. I really do need to stop getting off topic. I came here to write a few things:

Recently, I was hit blatantly in the face with an enlightenment. I was driving to the gym, when it occurred to me. All my life, I have been expecting change–“A better me”

 I want to get fit. I want to learn more. I want to become a model, dress nice, pull all the girls, become successful, and become a writer,I would say. I want to run away to Manhattan find a beautiful woman. etc. 

You get the picture I’m sure. It all came to me. All I ever did was WANT and for one never understood my needs. I would get upset, of course, after no progress. I wouldn’t work towards any of this but I thought one day it would all become reality. I was delusional. Lost. A cloud of despair, the lack of a solid work ethic blocked my sight of dreams, and handicapped me in the long run. I was expecting so much from myself, and putting in so little effort. Every single dream we want is achievable, and if you don’t believe that, than i’m sure you will never enjoy my blog. I totally accept that. Any dream is not going to occur over night, so stop getting hung up and depressed if it doesn’t. Micheal Jordan didn’t expect to become the best basketball player of all time over-night. It’s impossible. What is possible is to become the greatest, in which he did. Set goals that are unrealistic, and put unrealistic effort in them. Day in and day out. Take what’s yours. So out of this I learned: I‘m going to fail, I’m going to fail, and I’m going to fail. As I should! But I will not fail in the long run, I will not let one day of failure determine where I’m going. If someone says you can’t do something: Laugh. Tell them that you will. Achieving something wont be easy, and you’re expected to fail countless times, but, in the long run if you work your tail off it’ll all become a reality.


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