Hendrix in the 21st Century

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

Hendrix. I would chose to live in his shoes any day. This prompt made me think a lot, and it was not so easy to chose right off the bat. An explanation for choosing Hendrix is a bit lengthy and I’m sure there will be a loss of attention from most readers, but I’ll continue for the hell of it.

I admire every piece of art that he completed. He was such an influential musician in his time period and I believe it should be spread even into further generations. He was an icon. Once his music hit the fans, the whole “Hendrix” trend carried across the world. His life was so complex, he thought so abstract–maybe due to all the cannabis  he smoked– and I think he was an introvert, and the only way to express who he was as a person was through his guitar. I just would love to be him for a year because of his depth. No one truly understood him. You can only infer about him. He didn’t even know how to read music! Yet his music was so well spoken. Imagine if he was still roaming the streets in London. Imagine being him! I feel as though it’d be an incredible experience, and whoever playing his role could definitely change the music industry into an authentic room filled with expression.


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