Macklemore’s Lyrics Save

I’d like to dedicate my first blog to one of my favorite aspiring artists: Macklemore. I am only trying to bring an awareness to his powerful lyrics. People can continue to discredit his music but I believe they are being slightly biased but only in retrospect to his booming hit: Thrift Shop. Yes, admittedly it is one of the least “moving” songs on his album but as is shouldn’t be. The depth in lyrics is not needed because the song is supposed to attract what I consider the “pop-culture” in America. Beforehand, Macklemore was an extremely under-ground artist and was predominantly heard by a minute crowd. Thrift Shop was very successful in attaining attention to the casual peers around me.

 As a musician, and writer myself, I admire and appreciate lyrics a bit stronger than others. I believe Macklemore is underrated as an artist. I, myself, had disregarded him as one of my favorite current rappers not only a month ago. Yet I woke up one day and just happened to come across one of his songs: Starting Over. At first, I seemed to be annoyed with the track, and I almost ended up skipping it. But a recent discussion with a friend about our generation made me ponder. Listening to this song made me recapture the reality of abusing drugs, and alcohol. It’s not a fantasy. Macklemore wouldn’t be speaking his poetry if it was. He was considered an idol to a crowd struggling with the problem of addiction and yet he, himself, clearly writes in the song his admittance that he relapsed. He even talks about an incident with a fan, someone who admired his ability to come clean and rap about something meaningful.  If there is any other rapper considered “mainstream” that draws attention to these problems then I am missing out on them and would love to listen to their work of art. I feel obliged to draw an attention to his lyrics, because practically every song on his album has influenced my life on a day to day basis since then, and as it should influence others.

Link to his story:


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